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Positioning Systems
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The monitoring system is intended for:

  • total navigation monitoring of the vehicle;
  • fixing the style of management of a vehicle of the driver;
  • control of vehicle use for its intended use;
  • control POIs and high-speed modes of movement;
  • vehicle condition monitoring;
  • monitoring the operation of the equipment;
  • obtain all the necessary accounting data.


The monitoring system comprises the following components:

  • airborne equipment, embedded and custom parameters of its work;
  • channels of transmission of the information from the onboard equipment of the vehicle into the transport monitoring System;
  • systems of processing, transmission and delivery of information internally;
  • database management systems;
  • data transfer channels from the server System to the end user;
  • the automated working places (AWP) of the user.


Monitoring system allows:

  • receive on-line information about the location of the vehicle and track it on the electronic map (vector or raster);
  • to control the compliance with the schedule of completion of the required route vehicle, breaking boundaries of control zones established for a specific or group of vehicles;
  • monitoring of violations of speeding vehicles in POIs;
  • receive on-line information about the status of attached units (work mixer, crane, pumping, drilling,  temperature in the refrigerator and etc);
  • receive on-line information about the condition of the vehicle (engine, opening/closing doors and compartments of the vehicle, the presence of passengers, filling/discharge of the fuel, security system and the reason of transition in alarm mode and etc);
  • to identify a specific driver, Manager of the vehicle, and to establish the facts of unauthorized use;
  • monitoring of the state of the communication channel and adjust it to the peculiarities of the work of the operator;
  • remotely control of actuating mechanisms of the vehicle, to have two-way communication with a driver;
  • remotely change the parameters of the software of the onboard equipment;
  • receive telemetry information about the health of the airborne equipment, timely remotely identify the incorrectness of its hardware and software components;
  • represent all the useful information monitoring System of transport in the form of detailed and summary reports.


The concept of total monitoring of the driver, state of transport tools and implements its location:

  • intellectual model analysis of events in the on-Board equipment of the vehicle;
  • flexible, self-adapting the organization of communication channel;
  • open for quick modification and based on the latest technical achievements of the system of collection, processing, storage and distribution of information, providing storage of huge database routing as quickly as possible;
  • intuitive user-friendly interface, workstation, adjustable to the needs and preferences of the user, uses the available hardware and software tools.

All these conditions are fundamental for developers of Software and determine the dynamics of its development.

Minimum hardware requirements

OS - Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven
Microprocessor CPU - Intel Celeron 2 GHz
RAM - 512 MBt
Video system (Video) - 32 MBt, 1024*768 (or higher)
Hard disk drive (HDD) - 20 GBt
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