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Fleet Managment System

     We are very proud to offer you the unique solution for your fleet management. Our web site is to help you to know our fleet management system better.

     According to our long term experience, the first year of GPS/GSM fleet management operation indicates great and real advantages comparing to competitive systems. Our fleet management system is comprehensive, low cost and failure-free.

     We are always pointed to improve the quality of fleet management product, therefore we work hard to represent newer versions of both software and hardware tools.

     Our Fleet management is not only cut of fuel expenses. We believe automation in fleet management will lead to cut the number of vehicles needed to do the same job.

     If you would to have clear financial and marketing result we would help you with pleasure and good attitude. Otherwise, we would appreciate to invite you to our collegues on a market.

     Using our fleet management system you will significantly and immediately reduce your expenses. After several months you will find the result will disproportionally cover the costs spent on our services.

     We are happy to offer you clear and thorough test of the GPS/GSM fleet management system. In some cases the test could be done for free.

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