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     Utilization of cellular phones – smartphones with incorporated GPS unit opens new horizons for Fleet Management.

     Almost all demanded features for modern Fleet Management could be achieved by commonly used cellular phones instead of OEM GPS/GSM box. Now we able to give the following results just with GPS equipped cellular phone: vehicle movement control, vehicle’s tasks control, type of driving control and even fuel consumption control.

     Our long-term experience with development and operation of Fleet Management solution has given us the ability to illuminate mistakes on earlier stages of Fleet Management System development. That is why our product is still unreachable for other Fleet Management market players.

     The advantages of our original technology for the Fleet Management with GPS based cellular phone:

     Money saving – cellular phone is cheaper then OEM GPS/GSM box. The cellular phone is must to have even if the vehicle is equipped with GPS/GSM box. Then the Fleet Management is based on a cellular phone, it means no need to buy separate cellular phone for voice communication. The application installed on the cellular phone for the Fleet Management does not affect other its communicational abilities. The Fleet Management application utilize not more then 2-3% of phone’s main processor capability.

     Personal driver control – the financial result of vehicle operation mostly depends on driver’s way of work. OEM GPS/GSM boxes control the vehicle’s work mostly. Our technology controls driver and the vehicle driven by exact driver. Even if drivers often work on different vehicles, with our technology it is much more easier to find the weak link.

     Antivandalizm – it is easy for everyone to understand if cellular phone is functional. To find a reason of OEM GPS/GSM box malfunction the professional expertise is needed. Since the quality of the majority of Fleet Management Systems is not perfect, it is obvious difficult for any Client to understand the real origin of failure – regular low quality, human vandalism or both of them.

     No problem with vehicle’s guarantee – vehicle’s manufacturers give no guarantee for the new vehicles in case of GPS/GSM OEM boxes are installed. In case of any trouble the OEM equipment could be blamed as a reason of the trouble. Since the GPS/GSM box is OEM, to settle the problem it is needed to get GPS/GSM box dismount and then to fix the trouble for money. The vehicle manufacturers are absolutely right. Many-many GPS/GSM boxes are absolutely incompatible to modern vehicle electronics. Some Fleet Management service-providing and monitoring companies use specially establishes connections to settle the problems locally. Nevertheless, the problems will arise in a case of bigger or expensive to solve trouble. The cellular phone has no connection to vehicle systems! Therefore, you’ll never face a problem with the guarantee caused by GPS/GSM Fleet Management.

     Fuel Consumption – There are no precise methods to measure fuel consumption with electro-mechanical tools. Fuel measuring equipment is quite expensive and requires manual adjustment. If driver wants to steal fuel he always would find the way. Our Fleet Management system controls the driver. Fuel consumption is calculated upon distance passed which is always corresponds straightly to fuel consumption. Using our cellular phone based system for Fleet Management you could optimize vehicle utilization and, therefore, reduce significantly fuel consumption. Ecological friendly – Using our Fleet Management you could drive less and to do more. That is why the fuel, spare parts and wheels will be saved automatically reducing the influence to natural environment.

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